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Self Piercing Community

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The First Self Piercing Community

This community is for the people who choose to perform their own piercings, hopefully safely and responsibly.

1.) No Spaming.
2.) No fighting.
3.) Advertising other communities is allowed if it somehow resembles the community. (piercings, tattoos, body modification). No rating communities.
4.) No preaching about what is wrong and right, but offering advice in a friendly matter is encouraged.
5.) Do not post about why you want to pierce yourself with a safety pin.
6.) Do not ask how to pierce yourself with a safety pin.
7.) Do not ask why your piercing got infected when it was done with a safety pin.

This community was made for all those people who aren't allowed to post in other piercing communities about what they do because it is, "inappropriate". Here, we love you. Also see self_made_mods for all your self made modification needs, from stretching to branding and everything in between. Keep in mind that it's brand new right now and needs members!

Community Maintainer: hellhound

Please read this before posting: http://www.bmezine.com/diyp.txt
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