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labret diy, [05 Nov 2009|07:43pm]

I have decided that I want to pierce my Labret. I just think it's a great piercing that I can't live without having it. I need all help I can get, all information and places to get my equipments. I can order online so any link that directs me to the specific item i need is great! The stores here are quite far about an hour-two drive away, and I live in the middle of nowhere of green, green spaces (:

If you have done a Labret to yourself please tell me how you're experience was (good, bad)
Any tips on avoiding veins? getting the right equipment with clamps? any other information i might need to know before trying a DIY?
I freak out majorly about this! I don't want any nasty infections especially since I heard that story of that one kid who pierced without a sterile needle, brr!

I'd also like the needle to be 16g i'm not a fan of big earrings and a small earring would suit my face i think (:

Thank you.
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[05 Aug 2009|08:31pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Added two lowbrets last thursday morning.

I've had my lower lip pierced 16 times (retired 3), and yet despite my experience when it comes to the first stages of healing I can't help but panic during the first couple of weeks and act embarassingly like I'm completely new to this. 'OH MAH GOD. It's emitting LYMPH, is that NORMAL? It's not healed after three days, should I call the DOCTOR? Fuck the doctor, I need A&E, there's a slight CRUST around the base of the bar!' Lorddd, I'm too neurotic for my own good. Still, better cautious than infected.

They seem to be happy at the moment, swelling's gone... still tender but that's to be expected, unfortunately I bit one of the labret posts earlier today which was painful. Woe.

Well I like 'em.

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Self-Piercing Irony! [22 Jul 2009|02:33pm]
Having pierced myself properly, I though it might be amusing to see if safety-pins are actually comfortable as jewellry :D

Oh, this is my reverse-Prince Albert which I did last night, by the way. Didn't use any lignocaine in the end.

NOT safe for work!

TOTALLY NOT safe for work!

Actually wasn't the most painful piercing I've done or had in the end. Piercing my nipple was second most painful, gauging that nipple up from 1.2 to 2.4mm was most painful.

Still, I like it :)

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self done snakebites (: [19 Apr 2009|10:32am]

(Note: Undone hair & Makeup)

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Self-Done Side Labret [02 Apr 2009|05:27am]


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[24 Mar 2009|05:14am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi there! Very new to this comm. and I've got some questions:

Self piercing for a Christina piercing (NSFW) is usually frowned upon. But, since I've already had this piercing done once by a professional and it migrated out, I'm looking at other options. Of course, maybe my anatomy isn't set up very well for this type of piercing, and I have considered that, but I'd like to try piercing one more time.

Any advice for setting up a Christina piercing at home? I have sterile jewelry, a sterile needle, and once I prep the area, I will have a sterile piercing zone.

My thoughts: Pierce through the previous scar to enforce the strength of the piercing and ensure that it won't migrate out again... Pierce quickly and cleanly. Epsom salt and warm water will be on standby for a good soaking afterward.

Unfortunately, I don't have a pair of clamps/forceps for this procedure. Are they absolutely necessary?

I'd love to hear from ladies who have done Christina piercings themselves :)

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[30 Dec 2008|05:26pm]

Hi everyone! I'm new so I wanted to get some advice!

I've never self-pierced before and my question will probably be stupid so please bear with me. I've been toying with the idea of re-piercing my earlobes to a larger gauge. Right now they're probably around a 16g but I wanted to re-pierce them to a 4g or 6g. Would I run into any problems piercing at such a large gauge? Mind you, it's only my earlobes so I'm assuming the answer is no, but I just wanted to make 100% sure.

I read the FAQ in the userinfo and it didn't mention anything about the size of the needle so any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!
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Moderatorness [13 Oct 2008|03:44pm]

    Hi, new moderator. That's not the important thing, though. The important thing is that anonymous commenting has been disabled and non-member commenting has been screened for the time being to help discourage morons. Hopefully this community can now continue on it's merry way without the input of the peanut gallery.

    Oh, and if there's any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them here.

    Carry on you crazy kids.
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My first DIY -- Earlobe. [24 Aug 2008|07:56pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Okay, so initially I was anti-DIY piercing.  It seemed ridiculous, immature, and absolutely inane.  The thought that someone would risk the possibility of getting an infection to look "cool" just seemed pathetic.

However, that changed tonight when I randomly decided that I wanted my earlobes re-pierced after stumbling upon an old collection of earings.

I really didn't see the need to pay possibly $30.00+ just to have my earlobes re-pierced at a professional studio, and there was no way in /Hell/ I was going to get it done at my local Wal-Mart with a piercing gun.  I thought to myself, "How hard could it possibly be to pierce my own earlobe anyways, especially since my ears still had scars from previous piercings."

And so, I made the decision to pierce my ears.

I grabbed a safety pin, and used a lighter to sterilize it, burning myself a couple times in the process.

I waited about ten minutes or so for the safety pin to cool down, and started to search for something I could use as a backer.  I finally decided on folding a small washcloth into two.

I put the needle to my ear and pushed as hard as I could while pulling my earlobe forward.  Unfortunately, the needle didn't go through quite as quickly as I had assumed it would.  It was agonizingly slow, and I was starting to get a little irritated.  After trying a couple more times, the needle /finally/ went through and I was able to put my earing in.

Now I only had my left ear to do, and I hoped that it would go as smoothly as my first ear.  It didn't.  I got the needle to go through about three or four times, but each time I tryed to put the earing in it refused to go through.  It had been about 20 minutes now, and I was on the verge of tears solely from frustration.  My hands were sweaty, causing my fingers to keep slipping off the f**cking needle, and I would repeatedly have to dry my hands off.  I was tempted to call it quits and just take my other earing out, but I decided to try it one more time.  I pushed the needle with all my might and felt the needle go through yet again, I figured that maybe I hadn't pushed it through /enough/ the previous times and pushed the needle in as far as it would go.  I left the needle in for all of about a minute, pulled it out, and the earing went through.

I cleaned my ears with hydrogen peroxide and then practically skipped into the living room to show my mother.

So maybe I only pierced my earlobe, but I found it to be a very satisfying experience and not in the least painful.  I obviously did a few things wrong, but if you think you are relatively competent I would suggest piercing your earlobes yourself as opposed to getting it done by a professional. ;]

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